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December 2, 2013 by brainslightlyfermented

Welcome to Brains Lightly Fermented! I’ve been working in the wine industry professionally for about 7 years, and felt the desire to share interesting wine related items that I come across~ wine in the news, pop culture, music, and beyond! While the main focus of Brains Lightly Fermented is wine, there will be occasional posts about some of its merry collaborators in crime, namely spirits, beer, and food. 

While the world of wine is quickly becoming more and more accessible, many times there still exists an air of snobbish elitism that hangs in space like a cloud of grape must. I say, be intimidated no more! When you encounter one of these types, just remember that one could spend more lifetimes learning about wine than there are stars in the sky. So there’s no way that they know everything. There’s always another vintage. One reason why the world  of wine is so much fun is that it goes on forever, and therefore should be inclusive to everybody. Another reason is drinking. Or as I call it “research”. 

Well, without further ado…cheers!




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